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  Our Values & Policies—A Message from our Chairman
  “As anyone who had the opportunity to interact with him will tell you, our late founder K N Dadina was the epitome of honesty, a man of true integrity. Adhering to his guiding principles has held our company in good stead. At KNDETL, certain values like business ethics, honesty and integrity, corporate transparency, and a passion for being the best have been the foundation on which our business has been built, and believe us, it makes perfect business sense.

A healthy office environment focuses on the link between organizational growth and personal growth. We encourage learning for all through in-house workshops, seminars and training sessions. On our sites too, proper training and proper tools and equipment go a long way in providing a safe work environment.

Beyond the office environment comes concern for the environment beyond-- a very real concern in these days of global warming and doomsday statistics. KNDETL makes a conscious effort to incorporate green practices into all our processes. Yes, eco-consciousness is an ongoing process at KNDETL and we encourage our engineers and technicians to innovate new methods to improve process efficiency. (For example, we have tried to make a difference using de-sanders for recycling bentonite which is used for stabilization of drilling fluid.)”